Onkyo NR616 Composite over HDMI

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Onkyo NR616 Composite over HDMI

Post  svfusion on Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:48 am

I bought a NR616 for a retro game room I am building in my home. However, I can not get older game consoles to work with it. These are only composite and have tried different inputs in the receiver. The only consoles I can get to work on it is a Dreamcast and Wii. NES, N64. Gamecube won't work.. I have done some research and it seems that this receiver won't display their signal type over HDMI. I wanted to verify this before receiving.. My Onkyo TS 705 and 809 do this without a hitch.. I have tried seeing what firmware I am on but unable to find it.. Under hardware there is no firmware option. I have put the newest firmware on a USB drive formatted FAT32 and put the ZIP file and extracted it and the receiver didn't do anything.. I am hoping that this is a firmware issue and I don't know how to update it.. My 809 is much easier to navigate through..


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Re: Onkyo NR616 Composite over HDMI

Post  OnkyoUSA on Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:22 pm

Correct; many of the older 8-bit game consoles broadcasted in 240p video signal and this receiver can only accept 480i for COMPOSITE -> HDMI upconversion. While it was formatted to display on your TV; this receiver will not easily upconvert the video signal unless it is inputted into the receiver at 480i video resolution. There is NO firmware to resolve this issue- this is the specifications of the video chipset. The TX-NR 717 and higher models do not require the incoming source to be configured to 480i for HDMI upconversion.

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