Questions from probable new owner of TX-NR709

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Questions from probable new owner of TX-NR709

Post  barryaz1 on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:33 pm

Just sold my Anthem AVM 20 on ebay and will probably be getting a 709. A few questions, please:

Anyone have any experience with buying Factory Reconditioned from Accessories4less?

I'm planning on using my 7 channels of external amps (Anthem+Parasound). Will I be able to do anything with the 709's internal amps? (outside speakers? Or do I need those to be Zone 2 with its own amp, which they do have now?)

Can I have the Zone 2 12V trigger always on, even if I'm not having it trigger a Zone 2 amp? i want it to trigger my Monster Cable power center and then sequentially turn on the 2 big amps for the Main room.

Any other obvious questions I should be asking?

And yes, Accessories4less is pretty sure that the HDMI board has been changed. If not, I will anyway be getting the Extended Warranty.


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