Replaced a x3 repaired TX-SR707, with a refurbished TX-NR709 (now fried) - No Support

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Replaced a x3 repaired TX-SR707, with a refurbished TX-NR709 (now fried) - No Support

Post  EricB on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:18 pm


I am writing in regards to a serious support issue that I have encountered with the Onkyo support folks. I purchased a TX-SR707 back in March of 2010. The unit wound up going to the shop three times for the power module, left channel, and the HDMI module. Being in the shop twice for the HDMI module meant that the shop had to wait on Onkyko to back fill those modules for the repair centers. As it was, I only had the receiver in my possession and 'working' for about 2/3rds of the 24 month warranty. It was literally in the shop almost 6 months between the 4 drop offs. Upon the 4th drop off, after several weeks, i was told that Onkyo was going to send me a refurbished TX-NR709. I received this replacement unit around March this year. Now... its dead. The HDMI mod froze on it, and then fried.

I called support a few weeks ago and explained my whole case to the agent. They said that because the 'original' unit was out of warranty, the refurbished replacement unit could not be repaired. I explained that the original was habitually in the shop for such an extended period of time, that my warranty was basically consumed by repair time. We both did the math on the phone and he agreed that I 'should' have been in warranty by a month taking into account 5-6 months of repair turn around. With that, they said they needed to get approval from their supervisor, and that they would email me back with the decision.

Well, no email, no phone call from that guy. Pretty sure I was shined on to get me off the phone. I called again last week and this agent said no way, not possible. Sorry for your loss.

This is not acceptable. According to the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, if I buy a lemon; The company is accountable for replacing that lemon. If the send a second lemon, the company is STILL held accountable for that second lemon, regardless of the warranty limitations on the original lemon.


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Re: Replaced a x3 repaired TX-SR707, with a refurbished TX-NR709 (now fried) - No Support

Post  OnkyoUSA on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:04 pm

Please review your PM so we can further assist you promptly. Thank you again for your time and cooperation regarding this issue.


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