will 11.2 work on a onkyo 5009?

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will 11.2 work on a onkyo 5009? Empty will 11.2 work on a onkyo 5009?

Post  markyboy156 on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:34 am

hi i have the onkyo 5009 amp i want to find out if it is possible to add an external amp and do 11.2 some guy has had success at using a parasound a51 amp connected to the 5010 version onkyo giving 11.2 sound would the parasound a51 also work on the onkyo 5009 it has 11.2 channel pre outs so techically speaking it should work could somebody please help me on this matter need help asap please could a onkyo technitian look into it please for me pirat


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