Onkyo Tx Nr 809 audio set up

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Onkyo Tx Nr 809 audio set up

Post  Zerillos on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:26 pm

Hi guys ! i have an onkyo nr 809 Av and i am trying to find out why this AV receiver doesn't sound like my old 609 ...The problem is after i am running the Audyssey the volume is not the same as the 609 , i raised the intelivolume to +12 db ,i can hear the difference but still something missing .I have connected a 7.1 speaker system ,anyway the problem appears that when i am listening at volume 30 and raise close to 50 the hearing volume stays almost the same and to feel a difference i have to go way up to 70 -80 audyssey on dynamic volume light ,etc. if the volume is low (30) then to be able to hear something i need audyssey on ( movie) and dynamic light ,after 50 i need to turn of audyssey and turn on dolby to have a high volume.it appears that the volume has a pause between 30 and 50 and then it as a raise the volume goes up normally .. Sorry for my english and i hope you guys can help me with this problem .Thank you!


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