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Post  ifishnc on Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:51 pm

Going on one month since I got my HT-S5500. So far I have enjoyed it. I finally figured out how to connect my computer to the receiver. Now I can sit in the living room in my easy chair and use my laptop to remotely control the desktop in my office. It has 2TB of MP3 music plus Rhapsody that I can access via Windows Media Player. I had to buy a $20 filter to silence the ground loop hum, but it works well.
I do need some help though. Before I bought the HT-S5500 I read all the reviews I could find. Two common complaints were that the subwoofer seemed to die young, and the unit generated static POPS. My problem is the latter. And, it seems to be getting worse. At first I heard a single POP when changing TV channels or between songs. Now it seems to happen, even when I'm just watching a football game. Has anybody had any experience with this problem? Any suggestions?


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