HT-S9400THX - HT-R990 will not connect to the net

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HT-S9400THX - HT-R990 will not connect to the net

Post  dbasile on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:46 pm

I have the HT-S9400THX with the HT-R990 receiver. For the life of me I cannot get this to connect to the network "correctly". When it is connected to the network and I push the NET button it will say it's initializing and I get the progress bars. During that time it will stop and the display stops progressing. The NET applications will not pop up. If I turn it off and back on it acts like it is stuck in this initializing status. I can disconnect the network cable, do a master reset, press NET and the applications screen will appear but of course when I try to access them it says the cable is unplugged.

When it is connected to the network, I can go into the setup and see the IP address it is getting assigned and if I put that address into my browser I can get into the receiver and see the settings there too. So it is on the network but just doesn't seem to be going out. I have tried hooking directly to my router and get the same results. All my other devices (Mitsubishi TV, XBox, Oppo and Direct TV) have no problem getting out. All these devices are hardwired to a NetGear switch but like I said, I took the switch out of the picture but got the same results. Tried giving it a static IP address too and that didn't help. Firmware is the most current but had to upgrade via USB since it won't get out.

A call to tech support had me power down everything, do a master reset and a few attemps to get it working. It always gets stuck on the Initializing screen. FYI this does not lock up the receiver as I can still go to my sat, dvd and xbox without a problem. The tech had me send it in for repair. They found nothing wrong with it.

For laughs and giggles I replaced my DLink router with a Cisco router thinking maybe something in the router was messed up but that has not fixed the problem. I left the router in the default settings for firewall just so I wouldn't be adding other problems so for the most part it has all default settings. All cables are brand new and I swapped those around to be safe. Tried different ports on the router too.

I left a message for Onkyo and they recommend I call them back again but before I do I thought I would come here to see if anyone else has / had this problem and found a solution. Right now I have it disconnected from the network as it doesn't do any good to leave it hooked up. It just seems strange that all the other net capable devices get out but not the Onkyo.

Any suggestions, ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: HT-S9400THX - HT-R990 will not connect to the net

Post  OnkyoUSA on Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:57 pm

I would suggest you try to reserve a SKYPE callback reservation (using a Skype enabled device or webcam and microphone, iPad or Android tablet device with Skype, or cellphone with Skype) for an interactive and visual presentation of your current setup so we can further assist you at the following weblink: This reservation is available Monday -Friday 10am to 4pm EST; we would like to view your setup and work to resolve your issue. From there- we can make a further recommendation to resolve this issue- as we need to determine if this issue will require further servicing at an authorized service center..

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