Onkyo tx-nr809 enabling HDMI audio out disables digital audio

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Onkyo tx-nr809 enabling HDMI audio out disables digital audio

Post  rbryant on Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:42 pm

I recently setup my receiver to support a TV in a second room via an HDMI connection.

If I enable HDMI audio out such that the remote TV can use its internal speakers the receiver appears to no longer support true digital audio content (it never goes into dolby digital mode, etc).

This means that every time I want to use the remote room and turn on the HDMI out audio I effectively disable all digital audio on the receiver. Sad

Is there a way to configure the tx-nr809 to pass hdmi audio and still play digital content?

The most optimal solution for me would be to only enable hdmi audio on the secondary (SUB) HDMI out port but given that my main connection is a projector with no speakers I am really only concerned that enabling HDMI audio does not disable digital audio. I would even be content with only playing stereo audio over HDMI out and not disabling the local digital content.




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