TX-NR515 HDMI Sub audio question

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TX-NR515 HDMI Sub audio question

Post  Casperdog on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:56 am

I am considering a TX-NR515. I would use the HDMI Sub out for a 2nd TV in another room. My question is whether the 2nd HDMI output passes through the audio when the audio signal is extracted for the Main HDMI (so that the receiver provides the audio in the main room). I want to be able to get audio from my TV in my 2nd room using the 2nd HDMI output (the "OUT SUB") while at the same time using the receiver for audio in the main room for the main HDMI output. I understand I would be watching the same input source on both HDMI outputs. I have reviewed the manual and I can't tell if it will do this for the 2nd HDMI out unless I pass through the audio to the TV on the Main HDMI out.



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Re: TX-NR515 HDMI Sub audio question

Post  OnkyoUSA on Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:57 pm

In regards to your issue, when using both HDMI MAIN and SUB- the audio being broadcasted from the receiver will NOT be piked to the HDMI SUB unless you set up the following method. To enable audio for both the HDMI MAIN (using the receiver as the audio output) and HDMI SUB (using the TV speakers in the 2nd room for audio output); you will need to enable AUDIO TV OUT on the receiver's SETUP menu. Go into the HOME SETUP menu of the receiver by pressing the RECEIVER and then HOME buttons on the remote controller. Scroll to the SETUP option (Red toolbox) and press the ENTER button to access the menu. Now scroll down to "7. HARDWARE SETUP" and press ENTER. Scroll to HDMI and press ENTER again; then scroll down AUDIO TV OUT and enable this setting. Press the HOME button to fully exit this SETUP menu.

Now you should be have audio from the HDMI SUB TV and you will see the receiver now show (TV SPEAKERS). Adjust the volume on the receiver to hear the audio from the receiver speakers while still getting audio to the HDMI SUB TV speakers. If you have any more questions or concerns, Please contact our Product Support Dept for further assistance with this specific issue via our phone number and hours of operation (800-229-1687; option #3 PRODUCT SUPPORT 24 hours a day). We would like to speak with you and work to troubleshoot and resolve your issue as prompt as possible.

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