NR616 HDMI Passthrough loses audio after Uverse DVR is paused

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NR616 HDMI Passthrough loses audio after Uverse DVR is paused

Post  bubbajones on Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:29 pm

I have a new NR616 and have set up HDMI passthrough to allow me to watch AT&T Uverse on my TV.

This works fine until I start pausing or fast forwarding, or otherwise doing something that has no audio output from the Uverse DVR.

10% of the time, once the video resumes playback, I have no audio. The video works fine, but the audio is lost. I can restore the audio by power cycling the AT&T Uverse box, the TV, or the receiver.

Sometimes when I resume playback, I get about a 1/2 second of sound before it is lost.

I do not think I experience this problem when the receiver is on. It appears to happen only when the receiver is on standby and I am using the passthrough function.

Is there some sort of handshake protocol that is audio-specific? I am not experiencing any loss of video. Just audio, and only on passthrough. I am using brand new "high speed" HDMI cables.

I am using a Panasonic Viera TC-P50S1 plasma.


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