line noise and buzzing sound--TX-NR515 receiver

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line noise and buzzing sound--TX-NR515 receiver

Post  denniso on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:40 pm

Hey everyone,

I really need your help with this line-noise problem that cropped up a few days ago on my NR515 receiver. The sound is a buzz or humming noise emitted by the speakers even when nothing is playing on the receiver. The sound increases or decreases as you raise or lower the volume control on the receiver and is present as background noise when playing music or listening to television. Video, which is working just fine, is played through a monitor connected via HDMI.

I’ve had the receiver for less than a month and have been delighted with it until now. Although the buzzing sound is present most of the time, it sometimes seems to be intermittent. For example, I tried running analog audio through the GAME input jacks, which I had never before used. At first I heard no buzzing sound even though I simply unplugged the RCA audio jacks from the PC input and connected them to the GAME input. Later that same evening, the buzzing sound resurfaced.

By the way, the metal plate on the left underside of the receiver is very, very warm—almost hot-- to the touch (i.e. the side with the on/standby hard button). The heat is present when the receiver is powered on, whether or not content is playing. I have no way of knowing whether this is normal. The receiver is well ventilated.

See details below, including input components and equalizer settings on receiver.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Problem described: line noise or hum or buzz emitted by the speakers. The noise is loud enough to hear when you walk by a speaker when no audio is playing on the receiver. When watching TV, the line noise is loud enough to be heard over the dialog spoken by the actors. When no content is playing on the receiver, the speaker buzz gets louder/softer as you increase/decrease volume on the remote. The line noise began a few days ago. At the moment, the noise seems to affect the analog audio input jacks. I am not able to say whether the digital audio inputs work properly as I lack the equipment to test them. The buzzing sometimes seems intermittent. At present, you don’t hear a buzz when you play uncompressed music via USB.

Onkyo: I bought a refurbished onkyo TX-NR515 from an authorized dealer less than a month ago. The receiver firmware has been updated to version 1141-0108-0400. All input cables and jacks connected to the receiver are premium quality.
Speakers: Boston Acoustics Soundware 5.1 speakers connected to the receiver with 14 gauge wire. The speakers are new.
TV/CBL input comes from a Tivo dvr with audio connected via RCA analog stereo jacks. Video is supplied via standard-definition composite video input.
PC input arrives from a 3.5mm stereo audio cable connected to the receiver via 3.5mm-to-2RCA cable.
Monitor: 19-inch Samsung Syncmaster 953BW monitor connected via HDMI to the receiver.

Onkyo onscreen setup configs: Audio for all inputs is played using the All Channel Stereo listening mode. Via the on-screen display (setting 4.1) Audyssey is set to music, Dynamic EQ is on at 0dB reference level and Dynamic Volume is set to ‘Light.’


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Re: line noise and buzzing sound--TX-NR515 receiver

Post  OnkyoUSA on Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:52 pm

I want to acknowledge this posting and advise you that we will evaluate this issue and respond promptly.


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