my A-RV400 powers on but no sound

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my A-RV400 powers on but no sound

Post  shawnrd on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:26 pm

first i would like to say hi because im new to the forum. ive been fixing alot of my own equipment lately. it gives me a better understanding of how it works. recently i went to go turn my radio on and the A-RV400 integrated stereo amplifier pooped out on me. it will turn on but no sound will be produced from the unit. i still have the manual and it says that it is possible the amplifier protection circuitry has been activated and that i need to contact there service center. i really dont want to contact them considering i bought this unit about 20 years ago and i really dont want to just toss it. this unit has been a great unit and still is if it can be fixed. if any body can please tell me how to check if the amp protection circuit has been applied and how to fix it. that would be great. thanks in advanced Shawn D.


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Re: my A-RV400 powers on but no sound

Post  OnkyoUSA on Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:00 pm

The amp protection circuit has been activated. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet immediately. Disconnect all speaker cables and input sources, and leave the amplifier with its power cord disconnected for 1 hour. After that, reconnect the power cord and reconnect an input and a pair of speaker wires onto the unit. If the receiver still does not turn on than you will have to bring it in for service. Turn up the volume and if the receiver doesn’t shut down, power off the receiver and add another pair of speakers. Power up the unit again and turn up the volume. If it doesn’t shut down, power off the unit again. Now connect all your input sources and turn on your amp. If the unit shuts down again, your unit will need to be further serviced at an authorized Onkyo service center.

To obtain service, take or ship your Onkyo product to an Onkyo Authorized Service Center. Please also include in any mailing a contact name, address and telephone number. Please include a letter stating what the problem is, with your name address and phone number so the service center knows who to return the unit to. Please note, before shipping, you must contact the authorized service center to inform them that you will be sending your unit in for repair. This would require the unit to be further evaluated to determine which internal components are inoperable and causing the amp to protect itself from further internal malfunction. You will need to contact the service center; as they have the accessibility to the service manuals and possible parts inventory to repair your unit. To locate an authorized Onkyo service center; please research via the webpage


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