Seraching for remote control codes for unsupported devices - TX-NR818

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Seraching for remote control codes for unsupported devices - TX-NR818

Post  stfn on Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:50 pm

I have TX-NR818. I also have two other devices that I can't find any codes for in the list of supported devices, either by looking through the manual or using the Remote option in the receiver Setup screen.
The devices are:
i-Link 9600HD satellite receiver and
Popcorn C200 media player

While I don't put too much hope on being able to control the C200 (as I don't see any other media player), I think I should be able to at least control the sat receiver. I see lots of sat receivers, but none from that brand (i-Link). I'm pretty sure the i-Link is some sort of clone and will work with one of the supported receivers' codes, I'm just not sure which one. And I can't go through programing every one of them.

My other universal remote, although also not supporting i-Link, has the option to "search for code for unknown/unsupported devices". It was something like "power on the device (receiver, TV, CD, etc.), enter 'code programing' mode, then start pressing ChannelUp button repeatedly until the device powers off. Once this happens, press Display to exit 'programing mode', you're now done".

I was wondering if the Onkyo remote has such a function - searching for a code for an unsupported, unknown device?


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