DLNA Improvements (Queue, Shuffle, Volume Leveling)

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DLNA Improvements (Queue, Shuffle, Volume Leveling)

Post  cncb on Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:51 pm

It probably is pointless since most likely nothing will be changed (I have a TX-NR709) but I would like to make the following requests for DLNA improvements:

1) Add track to 'Queue': It would be nice to have a real Now Playing Queue where I can add individual tracks to the Queue instead of having to replace the whole Queue each time with a new list of tracks when going to play something. 'Add Next' or 'Add To End' options would be great.

2) Shuffle mode control: I would like to be able to set the shuffle mode when not playing tracks. As it is now, I have to start playing a Playlist and then go to the Now Playing screen and turn on shuffle. This means I always have to listen to a bit of the SAME TRACK (first one in playlist each time) initially before I can turn shuffle on and skip to the next track.

3) Volume Leveling with Replay Gain: It would be nice if the AVR could look at the track's Replay Gain tag and do automatic volume leveling. I currently have my DLNA server convert my FLAC files to WAV while applying volume leveling which causes my server to do much more work than necessary since the AVR can play FLAC files without conversion.



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Re: DLNA Improvements (Queue, Shuffle, Volume Leveling)

Post  OnkyoUSA on Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:56 pm

I have actually forwarded and presented this message to the appropriate departments and representatives for further evaluation and research. Thank you again for your input; as this will serve as record with the Engineering department.

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