HT-S5400 (HT-R590 Receiver) Remote not working in BD/DVD mode

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HT-S5400 (HT-R590 Receiver) Remote not working in BD/DVD mode

Post  schenckb on Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:28 am


I have had this system for about 6 months, and I like it for the most part. However, since day one the remote has NEVER worked while in BD/DVD mode (except for volume control). I cannot enter the setup menu, control any of the audio presets using the Movie/TV button, nor power off the system. I have to do these from the console itself.

This is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I have tried disconnecting from the BluRay altogether but no effect. I always have to switch to VCR mode or some other crap thing to use the remote fully.

I have another issue I've posted about before with the screen flashing every few seconds when in BD/DVD mode. This has not really ever been solved to my satisfaction, but its so intermittent that I haven't pursued it. I am definitely under warranty and wondering if I should get something else if these problems keep occurring?

Can anyone please help?



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