Why take control of my iPhone?

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Why take control of my iPhone?

Post  jbernay on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:16 pm

I just bought system model number HT-S7500 I was very surprised and unhappy that "Made for the iPod/ iPhone", seems to really mean.... Forget about the fact that you have the best music playback device ever made, plug it in to this receiver and allow this receiver to take it over, make it virtually useless and rather than control it the way it was meant to be controlled, use your big, bulky, slow remote to fish through your music one song at a time before you find the song you want to play 45 minutes later.

There is no regular Aux jack like every other audio device that I have ever seen. This means, to me, that Onkyo has made a deliberate, malicious effort to not allow me to use my iPhone the way it was intended to be used! It seems I have no choice put to plug my iPhone into the USB port and let this receiver take the phone completely over! Is there any way to get around this? If there is not, I will be returning this product and will never buy another Onkyo product again in my life! Please advise!


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